WiseSample's response to ESOMAR 28

What experience does your company have in providing online samples for market research?

The WiseSample Team is comprised of industry's experienced market research professionals, with decades of combined experience in online research, surveys and data collection. We have extensive experience in panel building, sampling methodologies, custom recruitment, project management and sample delivery. This skill set allows us to find the right sample for your project needs.

Please describe and explain the type(s) of online sample sources from which you get respondents. Are these databases? Actively managed research panels? Direct marketing lists? Social networks? Web intercept (also known as river) samples?

We strongly believe that your research is as good as the data, and hence we aim to provide the highest quality samples. WiseSample has a proprietary owned and managed panel, TakeWisely. This panel has been built and actively managed by experience panel managers, to ensure quality and responsiveness of each member. We also deploy real time recruitment techniques to invite respondents. This is through our network partnership with hundreds of publishers, and our expert panel managers are able to target sample to very detail by using a combination of display, ad exchanges, search engine marketing and social media.

WiseSample has also formed trusted partnerships with many sample providers, wherein we can provide a blend of unique sample set to meet your project needs.

If you provide samples from more than one source: How are the different sample sources blended together to ensure validity? How can this be replicated over time to provide reliability? How do you deal with the possibility of duplication of respondents across sources?

Our sampling and project management tools embrace technology, and we use the most advance methods to ensure validity and uniqueness of each respondent. This system validates sample, allows seamless integration without human error, and allows higher quality data. We also constantly monitor survey activity of all respondents coming through our platform, and assign them a unique wise score based on algorithms of their overall activity, attitudes and unique characteristics, thereby ensuring consistency of data over a period of time. Identity confirmation and validation is a crucial step, and we deploy all technology solutions to ensure the same.

Are your sample source(s) used solely for market research? If not, what other purposes are they used for?

Yes, all members of TakeWisely and our partner samples are used solely for market research purposes. We do not share or sell any member information with any third party for any other purposes.

How do you source groups that may be hard to reach on the internet?

Targeting is at the core of WiseSample. Our detailed yet unobtrusive recruitment techniques, and our unique sampling methods enable us to reach any target profile. We deploy various models for targeting, including contextual, behavioural, semantic and geo-targeting. WiseSample's proprietary targeting methodologies allow us to reach extreme levels of precision.

We also have ability to link with many third party databases, do the same level of targeting and provide that hard to reach sample for your needs. Our partnerships allow us to reach such respondents, who may not be a part of a online panel.

If, on a particular project, you need to supplement your sample(s) with sample(s) from other providers, how do you select those partners? Is it your policy to notify a client in advance when using a third party provider?

In some situations where required, we work with our entrusted group of partners to fulfill any project needs. We always inform our clients in case any partner is used in any of the study before setting this up. All our partners abide by industry standards and policies, are required to have a good standing and reputation in the industry, and hold to our data quality standards.

What steps do you take to achieve a representative sample of the target population?

Depending on the type of study and target requirements, we create sample composition for each project individually. For most general population studies, we consider various attributes as ethnography, response rates, and use data tools to mirror the most recent census numbers. This ensures representation over the key demographics. We also deploy custom pre screening to validate demographics and targeting. Our technologically advanced tools also enable us to send batches, or send sample at a scheduled time to ensure distribution, geographies, relevant time zones and also keeping any holidays or local events into consideration.

Do you employ a survey router?

Yes, WiseSample deploys a proprietary survey router.

If you use a router: Please describe the allocation process within your router. How do you decide which surveys might be considered for a respondent? On what priority basis are respondents allocated to surveys?

We have complete control over sample activity on our router, and constantly monitor and tweak its functionality based on the requirements. Our vast experience working with various kinds of studies and sampling requirements have given us detailed insights to produce best sample quality and panel experience. We express disapproval of panel burnout, and ensure router provides a positive experience for our members.

In case a respondent is sent to the router, they are assigned a survey based on a combination of factors such as demographics, survey topic, time sensitive projects and other profiling information.

If you use a router: What measures do you take to guard against, or mitigate, any bias arising from employing a router? How do you measure and report any bias?

Standard sampling techniques are used for router as well, and all allocation happens randomly to disable and bias in the system. We constantly monitor router activity as well as overall representation across all surveys to ensure no bias has been introduced in the system.

We strongly focus on panel data quality to ensure highest quality research, and constantly tweak our sampling methods based on industry changes to ensure we follow a common and secure approach.

If you use a router: Who in your company sets the parameters of the router? Is it a dedicated team or individual project managers?

We have a dedicated team of sampling experts who constantly monitor the router, set all parameters and modify them as required. They ensure blending of sample sources and also make sure no bias is introduced in the system whatsoever.

What profiling data is held on respondents? How is it done? How does this differ across sample sources? How is it kept up-to-date? If no relevant profiling data is held, how are low incidence projects dealt with?

WiseSample deploys a combination of methods to collect profiling information. While registering, every member is required to provide some basic demographic information to complete membership.

We then invite them to complete various sections of profiles, collecting hundreds of potential data points about technology, household, shopping, workplace and other categories. Members can add/edit this information at any time, and are also encouraged with rewards to do so. Lastly, we also deploy many social media and social network tools to validate and update profiling information.

Please describe your survey invitation process. What is the proposition that people are offered to take part in individual surveys? What information about the project itself is given in the process? Apart from direct invitations to specific surveys (or to a router), what other means of invitation to surveys are respondents exposed to? You should note that not all invitations to participate take the form of emails.

The most typical method of survey invitations is emails. The typical email invite includes basic information like the length of the survey, date when survey is expected to close, the incentive amount offered for completing the survey, and a link to the survey. They are also given a support contact email to enquire about anything, and also provided with an opt out option.

Please describe the incentives that respondents are offered for taking part in your surveys. How does this differ by sample source, by interview length, by respondent characteristics?

We believe the reward system built should treat respondents fairly, and incentivise them generously for their time and opinion, and make the entire survey taking experience fun, enriching and rewarding. We are keenly focused on panel satisfaction and providing them a great experience through our platform. WiseSample offers a mixture of cash-based as well as point-based incentives to all respondents. Reward amount usually depends of the length of the survey and also the probability of finding the targeted respondents. Respondents can request a cash out anytime, as soon as they reach a low minimum threshold. Members are also rewarded for their wise behaviour over a period of time, and also entered into sweepstakes and regular rewards for regular panel participation and providing profiling information.

Longer surveys, or surveys which are targeted to group with typically lower response rates are rewarded higher amounts to ensure sufficient participation.

What information about a project do you need in order to give an accurate estimate of feasibility using your own resources?

We require some basic project information to provide an accurate feasibility, including - number of completed interviews, target audience, anticipated length of survey, incidence rate, quota specifications, questionnaire complexity, and special task included in the survey and expected fielding timeframe.

Do you measure respondent satisfaction? Is this information made available to clients?

We are as good as our panellists are, and we take utmost care to ensure member satisfaction. We have a multitude of processes to ensure engaged and responsive respondents. We collect feedback on surveys taken, incentives offered, overall experience with us, and ensure their concerns are handled in a timely manner. This information is available to our clients upon request.

What information do you provide to debrief your client after the project has finished?

Since each project and each client is unique, we provide customized project summary based on each individual project rather than a template, based on project and client requirements. We are a conversational organization, and constantly endeavour to provide all relevant information as and when requested. Our team members are available round the clock, as we completely understand how critical and time sensitive some requests may be. Project specifications are reviewed during project start, and a project end debrief answers any questions clients might have, and to confirm we have met their project requirements. We can provide any information upon request like response rate, final incidence levels, sample send reports, abandon rates, etc.

Who is responsible for data quality checks? If it is you, do you have in place procedures to reduce or eliminate undesired within survey behaviours, such as (a) random responding, (b) Illogical or inconsistent responding, (c) overuse of item non-response (e.g. "Don't Know") or (d) speeding (too rapid survey completion)? Please describe these procedures.

Our obsession with quality guarantees that the data we deliver to our clients is of very high quality. Apart from utilizing industry standards and technological products to validate our members and respondents, we also take any client feedback very seriously, since they are hosting the survey and collecting the data.

We want to ensure our community is free of any suspicious and fraudulent respondents. Our sampling and project management methods keep quality as a first priority, and our vast experience working on thousands of different projects allow us to capture issues even before they arise.

Even before starting a project, we consult our clients if we feel we should tweak certain parameters or quota setups, and propose the best solution to complete the project successfully. Any issues are reported immediately, and any spam or unsolicited behaviour from any panellist is taken very seriously.

How often can the same individual be contacted to take part in a survey within a specified period whether they respond to the contact or not? How does this vary across your sample sources?

All members can choose how often they want to be reached, and in most cases, this ranges from one survey per day to one per week. This largely depends on number of active surveys, target profiles, and past member activity to ensure that we do not allow over activity, as well as under engagement.

How often can the same individual take part in a survey within a specified period? How does this vary across your sample sources? How do you manage this within categories and/or time periods?

The average member completes about 3 to 5 surveys every month with WiseSample. We can include or exclude a certain set of respondents on client requests, on completion activity, or any particular time frame.

Do you maintain individual level data such as recent participation history, date of entry, source, etc., on your survey respondents? Are you able to supply your client with a project analysis of such individual level data?

Yes, all panelist individual level data is maintained securely, and provided upon request.

Do you have a confirmation of respondent identity procedure? Do you have procedures to detect fraudulent respondents? Please describe these procedures as they are implemented at sample source registration and/or at the point of entry to a survey or router. If you offer B2B samples what are the procedures there, if any?

All WiseSample respondents are thoroughly validated. It starts with GeoIP validation to confirm their location and country, address verification, identity verification is established through reward receiver details, Captcha confirmation process during enrolment, and third party verification process is used to validate identity and uniqueness.

Our technology checks are deployed at multiple phases to detect any fraud, check machine as well as individual level information, and screens out any invalid respondents.

Our Wise Score algorithm closely monitor all survey activity for all respondents, and flags any unusual behaviour. These parameters include but are not limited to - number of surveys participated, time taken for completing surveys, demographic questions and variance, any sudden surges in activity among others.

Please describe the 'opt-in for market research' processes for all your online sample sources.

WiseSample follows a strict and controlled opt in process. All members are required to complete a double opt-in process, by registration as well as through a confirmation link that is sent to their email after registration. The basic process is as follows:

1. Members complete the registration on the website, after being validated through third-party verification processes.

2. An email link is sent to them; members are asked to double opt-in by confirming that email link.

Please provide a link to your Privacy Policy. How is your Privacy Policy provided to your respondents?

WiseSample has a very comprehensive privacy policy in place to ensure utmost satisfaction of our respondents. We religiously follow all regional and local laws and abide by any such governance on data protection. Our panelist privacy policy is available by Clicking

Please describe the measures you take to ensure data protection and data security.

We have industry renowned security measures in place to prevent any unauthorized access to any of our databases. Our technology partners have world-class, highly secure data centres utilizing state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis. Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations. And multiple geographic regions and availability zones allow us to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures.

What practices do you follow to decide whether online research should be used to present commercially sensitive client data or materials to survey respondents?

All our members are informed, prior to entering a survey, that they may be presented with confidential or other commercially sensitive data, and they are required to agree to non disclosure before participating in that particular survey. Our expert project managers work closely with you to ascertain and create any unique mechanism to ensure data security, when exposing respondents to any such information.

Are you certified to any specific quality system? If so, which one(s)?

We religiously follow all market research guidelines, as set by various statuary bodies such as ESOMAR, MRA and CASRO. All our operations are thoroughly governed by set procedures and each of our team member confirms to all those quality processes and requirements. We have also reviewed the standards set by ESOMAR on various sampling procedure and are compliant to all such processes.

Do you conduct online surveys with children and young people? If so, do you adhere to the standards that ESOMAR provides? What other rules or standards, for example COPPA in the United States, do you comply with?

Whenever we interview children and young adults, we are in strict compliance with industry standards and we adhere to all COPPA rules and globally, to all ESOMAR guidelines.

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