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WiseSample Targets Audience

WiseSample enables access to a wide target audience. No matter how peculiar your survey sample requirements are, we are sure to find a match. We have deployed multi level recruitment processes for our panel. Partnering with some of the biggest online databases as well as collaborating with specialized industry or region level publishers to gain access to a wide interest range of members. All our members are verified, and sign up for participating in surveys.

The recruitment process is very simple and honest, and every respondent is informed that they will be invited to participate in surveys only, and no other purposes what so ever.

Targeting at its core

We have built targeting as a crutial function.

We understand each survey needs a different kind of audience. Stay-at-home Dads, families with kids, males who own a Chevy truck, you name it and we can find it. Our robust technology and procedures allow us to target all kind of respondents.

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