Quality Belief

We understand that research output is as good as its quality of respondents. We take a dual approach to ensure we get the highest quality sample for your surveys.

Respect - Each member of WiseSample is treated with respect, rewarded appropriately for their survey activity. We ensure that our respondents receive their rewards in the fastest time possible - we actually claim to be fastest in the industry, and pay out within hours and days, not weeks. We don't push our members to reach a high "redeemable" threshold, before they can request their reward. They have earned it through their time and opinion, and we don't hold them ransom for it.

This results in superior quality responses and feedback from them, and hence a better survey output for you. Having worked on hundreds of projects, each of our team members have thorough experience developing strategies for higher engagement, respondent data quality and panel responses.

Technology (Yes, that's built into every aspect of WiseSample)

We want to provide you highest quality data from the respondents, and want to ensure accuracy of responses. Our member recruitment, validation and quality management is a combination of various procedures, including a double opt-in registration process, identity verification, digital fingerprinting, GeoIP verification, and a host of other third party database verification procedures, and a "wise score" technique to identify invalid respondents like flat liners, speeders and other junk responses. We also take any feedback from our clients about any respondents, and append it to our database to make sure we capture all relevant information for respondent quality. We also validate through rewards system, as our rewards require to validate that respondents are who they say they are .

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